Pension consultant lines up for Team GB

CITY girl and actuary at pension consultants Punter Southall, Emily Wicks, has put the extra mile into after-hours running by competing for team GB in the World Cross Country Championships yesterday.

Wicks, who was part of the British team that won Bronze at the European Championships in Hungary last year, helped secure seventh place for the Great Britain side at yesterday’s race in Poland.

■ London has long been known as home to some of the world's best universities, but today a new one has been added to the roster as Regent’s College has been given the green light to become a fully-fledged university. At £14,000 per year, tuition at not-for-profit Regent’s is cheaper than AC Grayling's New College of Humanities, which charges fees of £18,000. However while Grayling famously signed up the big academics like author Richard Dawkins and historian Niall Ferguson as fellows, it seems Regent’s is indulging in a touch of name-dropping too. It will soon be hosting masterclasses given by none other than Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey.