Partners at commodities hedge fund Clive Capital share £104m

THE three partners of Clive Capital, the world’s largest commodities hedge fund, were paid a total remuneration of £104.4m in the 2010 financial year, company records showed yesterday.

According to records filed at Companies House the partner with the largest share of the profits received £83.9m, although the person was not named.

In the year to 2010, the partner with the largest share of profits received £74.6m.

The haul was shared between Christian Levett, who founded Clive Capital in 2007, and partners Richard Boland and Elizabeth Holstein for their performance in the 11 months to the end of February.

Levett, who previously worked for New York-based Moore Capital, is Clive Capital’s controlling party.

Clive Capital has $4.5bn assets under management and trades in metals and energy commodities such as oil and gas, nickel, tin and copper, but also in soft commodities such as grain, cocoa and meats.

However, the fund may be vulnerable to recent falls in the prices of crude oil and other commodities, which could dent returns.