Paris show's bumpy ride

AEROPLANE makers expect to be displaying heavily cut order lists at the Paris air show this week as the recession bites further into the travel industry.<br /><br />With airlines set to lose up to $9bn (&pound;5.5bn) this year, aircraft and engine makers expect many orders to be cancelled or deferred. The recent Air France Airbus crash is expected to cast a big shadow over the event.<br /><br />The biennial Paris air show alternates with the Farnborough air show in the UK and is seen as one of the most important in the industry&rsquo;s calendar.<br /><br />Usually aircraft manufacturers use the famous event at Le Bourget airport to reveal their new products and trump each other&rsquo;s order lists.<br /><br />But this year there is unlikely to be much to boast about. Despite the downturn, airlines are mostly choosing to negotiate later deliveries rather than cancel orders outright.