Paddick and Livingstone unveil manifestos to take on Johnson

■ Fight for London to keep a “fair share” of its tax.
■ Bid to take over suburban rail services in the style of London Overground.
■ Refuse to buy Tube trains that require a driver and push for automated trains.
■ Free travel for every person over 60.
■ Three more police officers in every Safer Neighbourhood team.
■ 200,000 new jobs and 1,000 apprenticeships a week.

■ Cut public transport fares by seven per cent and freeze them in 2013.
■ Introduce a non-profit letting agency for “good” private landlords.
■ Fund a London-wide Educational Maintenance Allowance of up to £30pw.
■ Cut heating bills by up to £120 a year by establishing a London Energy Co-op.
■ Place sensors in car parks to let drivers to know which spaces are free.
■ Interest-free loans for childcare.

■ Youth hubs across the capital, funded by a £1 levy on hotel rooms.
■ Guarantee 33,500 police in the Met, increase their visibility and give each neighbourhood its own plan for policing.
■ A one-hour bus ticket that allows the user to transfer between services.
■ Payback sentencing that forces criminals to do work in the community.
■ Build 360,000 homes over 10 years.
■ Freeze the GLA’s share of Council Tax.