GAMER Brain-dead sci-fi action gubbins starring Scotland’s Gerard Butler.

THE FIRM Another week, another film about footy hoolies. Nothing to do with John Grisham.

31 NORTH, 62 EAST British thriller about a prime minister who betrays the SAS for an arms deal.

STATE OF PLAY Hollywood remake of the BBC journalism and politics drama, with Russell Crowe.

THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE Documentary about American Vogue, also currently in select cinemas.

DESPERATE ROMANTICS The recent TV costume drama about the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

DIZZEE RASCAL The all-conquering rapper’s new album is titled Tongue n’ Cheek.

MIKA The colourful singer-songwriter’s second album is called The Boy Who Knew Too Much.

PEARL JAM The grunge vets return with their ninth album, Backspacer. Is it about keyboards?

BATMAN: ARKHAM ASYLUM (PC) Based on the comics rather than another film spin-off.

WET (X350, PS2) Action gamer, with the twist that the protagonist is a sexy female assasin.

MOTORSTORM ARCTIC EDGE (PSP) Off-road car racing craziness.