FILM<br /><strong>COUPLES RETREAT</strong> Old swingers Vince Vaughan and Jon Favreau reunite in this comedy.<br /><strong>ONG-BAK: THE BEGINNING </strong>Sequel to Thailand&rsquo;s martial arts blockbuster.<br /><strong>TRIANGLE</strong> British horror thriller set aboard a haunted boat.<br /><br />DVD<br /><strong>X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLEVERINE</strong> Hugh Jackman stars in this duff X-Men prequel.<br /><strong>24: COMPLETE SEASON</strong> 7 Jack Bauer goes up against his old colleague, Tony Almeida.<br /><strong>DIRTY HARRY COLLECTION</strong> All five of Clint Eastwood&rsquo;s outings as tough cop Harry Callahan.<br /><br />MUSIC<br /><strong>SEASICK STEVE</strong> The cult-favourite bluesman returns with new album, Man From Another Time.<br /><strong>ALEXANDRA BURKE</strong> The X Factor 2008 winner&rsquo;s debut album, Overcome.<br /><strong>KINGS OF CONVENIENCE</strong> Declaration of Dependence is the Norwegians&rsquo; latest effort.<br /><br />GAMES<br /><strong>UNCHARTED 2: AMONG THIEVES (PS3)</strong> A new outing for Nathan Drake, the male Lara Croft.<br /><strong>BRUTAL LEGEND (PS3, X360)</strong> Action adventure about a roadie in a fantasy heavy metal world.<br /><strong>TROPICO 3 (PC)</strong> Fulfill your dictatorial tendencies by building cities as governor of a banana republic.