THE HOLE Teenage horror hokum as a couple of kids discover a spooky hatch in the basement.

WORLD’S GREATEST DAD This caustic black comedy gives Robin Williams his best role in years

FROZEN So so thriller with a great premise:?with three skiers stuck on a chair lift, who will jump first?


ROBIN HOOD Russell Crowe stars in this leaden version of the folk tale.

THE GHOST Roman Polanski’s adaptation of Thomas Harris’s political thriller, with Ewam MacGregor.

WALL STREET COLLECTOR’S EDITION Rerelease in advance of the forthcoming, long-awaited sequel.


MANIC STREET PREACHERS The indie veterans’ new album is called Postcards from a Young Man.

SEAL Just what we needed. A new record from Heidi Klum’s soul man, called Seal 6: Commitment.

ORCHESTRAL MANOUVRES IN THE DARK This we do need. OMD return with History of Modern.


F1 2010 (PC, PS3, X360) Take on Hamilton, Webber, Button et al.

SID MEIER’S CIVILIZATION V (PC) Latest in the strategy game series.

DEAD RISING 2 (PS3, X360, PC) Action/survival horror game. Covers a few bases, then.