FIVE EASY PIECES Starring Jack Nicholson, one of the greatest films of the Seventies, on re-release.

THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES Argentine thriller that won this year’s Best Foreign Language Oscar.

LE REFUGE Perverse romantic drama by auteur director Francois Ozon.


THE BLIND SIDE Sugar-coated social drama with Sandra Bullock on Oscar-winning form.

THE INFIDEL David Baddiel’s comedy about a Muslim who discovers he’s Jewish, with Omid Djalili.

LEGION Daft-as-a-brush horror fantasy with Paul Bettany and Dennis Quaid.


CAITLIN ROSE Debut album from the 23-year-old American, titled Own Side Now.

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE The heavy rockers return with new album, Rated Rx.

SKREAM Outside the Box is the debut from the Croydon dubstepper and La Roux associate.


SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD (PSN, X360) Tie-in with the forthcoming film version of the cult comic.

VICTORIA II (PC) Sequel to the British Empire-inspired strategy game.

HAZEN: THE DARK WHISPER (PC) New swords-n-sorcery action adventure.