<strong>GLORIOUS GROUSE AT LE BOUCHON BRETON</strong><br />Spitalfields&rsquo; most glamorous &ndash; and unabashedly &ndash; French restaurant will put a unique twist on game season with a selection of platters that combine the traditional with the Gallic. Traditional roast grouse will come wrapped in bacon with forcemeat pate and roasted breadcrumbs, while jugged hare comes in its own braising jus and roasted pheasant with venison loin and brillat savarin saute potatoes. From 13 Aug, at Le Bouchon Breton, 8 Horner Square, E1 6EW, tel: 0800 191 704.<br /><br /><strong>CLOUDY BAY SHACK AT PARSONS GREEN</strong><br />In anticipation of the hot summer that never quite was, iconic New Zealand winemakers Cloudy Bay this summer lauched the first Cloudy Bay shack &ndash; a pop-up seafood stand that provides its signature sauvignon blanc alongside fresh seafood. Fresh from Cornwall, the shack will be in situ in Parsons Green this weekend, alongside the Boisdale jazz trio. With the sun expected to be back out, this should be a glorious way to pass a Saturday. 15-16 Aug, 11-8PM, Parsons Green, SW6.