<strong>BOOK NOW: AN INSPECTOR CALLS</strong><br />Stephen Daldry&rsquo;s award-winning production of JB Priestly&rsquo;s The Inspector Calls is back in the West End of a limited eight-week run. The parable, which takes the form of a police investigation into the death of a young girl, explores the conflict between selfish individualism and social responsibility, is riveting and a cult favourite. Don&rsquo;t miss it. Opens 22 Sep at the Novello Theatre, 5 Aldwych WC2B 4LD, tel: 020 7812 7498 <br /><br /><strong>BONDS BREAKFAST GOES HEALTHY</strong><br />If you feel guilty eating sausages before you&rsquo;ve even got to your desk, try Bonds&rsquo; new &ldquo;healthy&rdquo; and &ldquo;energy&rdquo; breakfast menus. &ldquo;Energy&rdquo; includes a strawberry-banana protein shake, fresh juice, healthy cereals and whole wheat toast with peanut butter, while &ldquo;healthy&rdquo; is juice with fruit salad, yakult and low-fat blueberry muffins. Mmm, guilt free food tastes good. Bonds, 5 Threadneedle Street, EC2R 8AY, tel: 020 7657 8080. Set breakfast menus from &pound;17 per person.<br /><br /><strong>DIOR DRESSING TABLES AT CLARDIGES</strong><br />In an extravagant tribute to the days of dressing table glamour, Claridge&rsquo;s has collaborated with Christian Dior to provide a package that&rsquo;s all about vintage class: a dressing table loaded with Dior perfumes, powders and paints; soft slippers, Evelyn Waugh novels, Frank Sinatra CDs, a strong and fruity cocktail in your room and best of all, a silk dressing gown with personalised monogramme. It&rsquo;s a treat and a half. &pound;300 for package plus room rate. See www.claridges.co.uk/dior for more info. <br />