Out for a duck: City golfer tees off with Bubba

THE US Masters tees off this week, and while many City golf-lovers will be looking forward to the sporting tournament, The Capitalist hears one chief executive is simply determined to get through this year’s game without causing embarrassment in front of the Square Mile’s finest.

Ross Marshall, chief executive of website yourgolftravel.com sent over 600 ladies and gentleman from the City to Augusta last year to enjoy the golfing festivities.

Not content with spectating, one of the group from a well known German bank, took his clubs and managed to bluff his way onto the course during the practice day. At the end of two rounds our banking boy remarked to his opponent that his play was “rather good.”

Obviously our chap in the plus fours was unaware that he was speaking to the legendary golfer Bubba Watson, who went on to win the 2012 Masters.

Hopefully there will be no case of mistaken identity this year. However The Capitalist hears there’s another reason Marshall is still feeling nervous. Having hastily offered clients booking a holiday during Masters week a full refund should Rory McIlroy win, he’ll be chewing his nails until the final hole.