Osborne under pressure due to the price of fuel

Steve Dinneen
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GEORGE Osborne came under pressure yesterday to do more to help motorists struggling with the price of fuel. MPs unanimously approved a motion – without the need for a vote – calling for action on sky-high petrol prices after Cameron effectively gave his party freedom to break from the official line.

The Tory-led motion was a backlash against plans to increase fuel duty next year, with MPs arguing the measures are a tax too far for stretched household budgets.

The motion is non-binding and the Treasury reiterated its view that major decisions must wait until next year’s budget, adding that if fuel duty was cut, the money would have to be found from elsewhere.

The coalition plans to increase fuel duty by 3p a litre next year, costing around £1.50 extra to fill the average car. However, he has already scrapped the automatic fuel tax escalator, whereby fuel duty rose at 1p above inflation, and postponed a 1p rise initially slated for the summer until next year.

Tory MP Robert Halfon, who championed the motion, said the government must prove it is ready to “cut taxes for millions of British people and not just for millionaires”.