Orange offers first UK plans for iPhone 4

City A.M. Reporter
ORANGE became the first British mobile network operator to announce tariffs for the iPhone 4, the latest runaway success from Apple.

The operator said the 16GB version of the smartphone will be free on its £50-a-month business tariff with a two-year contract. The 32GB version will set customers back £41.70 on the same tariff.

On Orange’s cheapest business tariff – £30-a-month on a two year contract – the 16GB version will cost £101.28 and the 32GB will be £186.38. Those wanting a SIM-free model will have to stump up £480 for the 16GB version and £570 for the 32GB version.

O2 released its pricing plans for the device shortly after Orange. The 16GB model will be free on its £60 per month two-year deal and £65 per month eighteen-month deal, with the 32GB costing £29 on the same tariffs.

The must-have gadget will cost £279 on a £25-a-month two-year contract and £209 for a £30 per month 18-month contract.

Sales of Apple’s iPhone blew away expectations in its first day on the market despite shortages and an embarrassing online ordering glitch that thwarted many shoppers.

Apple said it sold more than 600,000 on Wednesday – its first day on the market – a record for just a single day of pre-orders. That put the device on track to surpass sales of its previous iPhone models as well as its iPad tablet computer, and sounded a strong challenge to rivals like Nokia.

But Apple apologised for having to halt sales temporarily after the surprising volume of online interest overloaded order and approval systems and supplies ran out.

Apple’s website says products ordered will now be shipped by 14 July, three weeks after the phone’s scheduled 24 June launch.

The phone’s exclusive US carrier AT&T said it had halted pre-orders and that sales would resume as soon as inventory becomes available.