The Open University MBA - transforming your career

<p>The Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programme from The Open University Business School will take you on a personal journey where you will challenge limits, cross boundaries and change the way you think. Quite simply, the OU MBA is designed to help you make a difference to your career.</p>

<h2>Reputation and quality</h2>
<p>Our MBA programme is globally reputed and internationally accepted. Our unparalleled quality has been accredited by AACSB (USA), EQUIS (Europe) and AMBA (UK) and this puts us in the top 1% of business schools. We have also been voted number one in the UK for student satisfaction according to the National Student Survey 2012. Our MBA is also ranked 7th in the world for distance learning elements and 9th in the world overall by the Economic Intelligence Unit.</p>

<h2>Flexibility and convenience</h2>
<p>Our MBA programme is designed flexibly to integrate with the demands of your day job and lifestyle. You can choose to study either 5 to 8 or 12 to 15 hours per week, allowing you to complete your MBA within 3 to 7 years.</p>

<p>Supported by our cutting edge technology, you study in your own time - whether at home, at work or on the move - giving you a truly mobile learning experience. With 13 national and regional centres across the UK and over 300 tutorial locations, you'll get easy access, flexibility and support from your tutors and advisers, as well as a lively online student and alumni community of 23,000 to network with.</p>

<p>The OU MBA is pay as you go - we have monthly instalment plans available and we also encourage <a href=""; target="_blank">employer sponsorship</a>. In fact, 80% of FTSE 100 companies have sponsored students on the OU MBA and 40% of our MBA students are sponsored by their employers.</p>

<h2>Practical and applied</h2>
<p>The OU MBA is designed to be readily applied. The best way to learn is to practice and unlike the traditional MBA, <strong><a href=""; target="_blank">our MBA is designed to give you the best learning outcomes</a></strong>. You can apply what you learn from the first day. This will enhance your management thinking and capabilities, giving you the best training possible.</p>

<p>Most of our tutors are practicing senior professionals in their field as well as world class academics conducting research. This takes you beyond a conventional MBA which in turn gives you a more pragmatic and real world orientation and training.</p>

<h2>What our graduates say...</h2>
<p>"I would definitely recommend an OU MBA. It's transformed me, my career and my confidence. Each promotion I've had really was because of developments that had come out from my MBA." Caroline Stevens, OU MBA alumnus</h2>

<p>"Everything that I do now is in some way related to my MBA." Emma Rose, OU MBA Alumnus</p>
<p>"Our employees can take the knowledge that is gained and put it into demonstration in very relevant work based projects." Andy Palmer, Head of Skills, British Telecom.</p>

<p>For more success stories of our MBA graduates, <strong><a href=""; target="_blank">click here</a></strong>.</p>

<p>Take a step in the right direction and <a href=";458623;50126;211;0/?ft_width=1&ft_height=1&url=2819350" target="_blank">request a prospectus today</a>.</p>