Online organisation tools are the next big thing

FREQUENTLY I find myself in discussions on panels where some well-intentioned moderator asks, &ldquo;when will the advertising market come back?&rdquo;<br /><br />Sir Martin Sorrell and other advertising executives frequently get quoted on their views on this subject, and overall, most people seem to think that the dip is cyclical, and if we wait long enough, good times will return.<br /><br />But the game has moved elsewhere, and the smart money is moving fast too.<br /><br />Last week, IOME launched Plotstar, an internet service enabling you to discover, plan ahead and share events, activities and plans, all based on location. It&rsquo;s a cool service, but the beneficiaries are more than just you and me. Brands, retailers and marketeers wanting to deliver highly targetted digital services, offers and advertising to their customers&rsquo; phones, laptops, netbooks can do so. <br /><br />This type of service has been discussed by futurologists for 10 years, and finally someone has made it all simple and workable.<br /><br />Imagine a day, which won&rsquo;t be too far in the future, when as part of your media buying campaign you&rsquo;ll buy access to many millions of individuals through this location-based service as the phone becomes a mini-billboard. With vouchers being delivered over iPhones by companies like Bview, you will get your discounts as you go about your business.<br /><br />Organisation has never been so easy. Collaboration is one of the hot new areas being funded right now on the web. Family Fridge, a new online service to help your family become more organised, is reaching tens of thousands of people now. Founded by Lex Deak, funded in the Online Dragon&rsquo;s Den, Family Fridge replaces the fridge door with the calendars, photos and other family stuff that mothers will use when keeping the family organised. <br /><br />Want to indicate what you want for Christmas? There&rsquo;s a place to post. Need to find the home insurance policy number fast? Trying to remember Grandpa Joe&rsquo;s birthday and address? Trying to keep a busy family on track? All can do.<br /><br />Each room in the house will become more organised and interactive due to internet services over the next year. You and I will be able to manage our homes for energy, safety and convenience, and it&rsquo;s not only the tech savvy that will be able to operate the devices. Intamac, a UK global leader in home monitoring and control, has now extended its products to enabling management of energy in the home.<br /><br />So you may find Twitter and social networking useless things for people who have too much time on their hands, but &ndash; if you are into organisation, saving money and efficiency in the home &ndash; the next wave of waves is here to serve you.<br /><br />Julie Meyer is chief executive of Ariadne Capital. IOME, Bview, Family Fridge and Intamac all have or have had either investor or client relationships with Ariadne Capital, Ariadne investors or Julie Meyer.