The online company bringing American tradition to British Christmas retailing


THE MONDAY after Thanksgiving is established as a peak day for US online retail, and innovative UK businesses are starting to import the tradition. Elinor Osila and Isobel Beauchamp, founders of, noticed their sales peak on Cyber Monday last year, and now they’re prepared to capitalise.

The company, which offers work by students and recent graduates, has strengthened its twitter presence and opened a facebook shop in anticipation of increased interest.

Gift vouchers are another strategy the company hopes will give its sales a boost as the Christmas season gets into gear, and companies have been buying them for employees.

Osila said she has seen an increase in purchases in recent months by buyers inside the Square Mile.

“People are seeing art as something that is going to grow in value,” she said.

Business has been strong in recent months despite gloomy news from the high street and Olisa believes online retail is the future.

“People need to be aware of the importance of online,” she said.