As one fashion door closes the next one opens

THERE has been a mass exodus in the retailing world lately – with British fashion label Nicole Farhi going into administration last week and two female retail powerhouses bowing out of their high-powered jobs this week. founder Sarah Curran left her role as board member and face of the firm on Monday, and only yesterday Kate Bostock resigned from her new job as board member of online retailer Asos.

But as one stylish door closes, does another one open?

While it might be hard for Bostock to make her next move – having only lasted six months at ASOS – Curran told The Capitalist yesterday that her morning had been full of new business meetings and she was already eyeing up consultancy work for a handbag company and mystery luxury brand.

So could a move to Asos be on the cards? “I’m still so passionate about retailing – I’m really open.”

Asos was remaining tight-lipped yesterday, saying that it “never comments on people”. But as Curran herself said: “Never say never.”