10.8m ticketholders (8.8m Olympic, 2m Paralympic).

200,000 people in the workforce. Including 6,000 staff, 70,000 volunteers and 100,000 contractors.

1500 UK firms have won over £6.3bn of Olympic Development Authority contracts. LOCOG has awarded a further £1bn.

118 overseas teams have signed pre-games training camp agreements in communities across the UK.

1m pieces of sport equipment are being sourced by LOCOG.

510 adjustable hurdles will be delivered for athletics.

600 basketballs will be delivered to the games.

20m spectator journeys will be made in London, with 3m madeon the busiest day.

800,000 ticketed spectators will use public transport on the busiest day.

1m square feet of warehouse space required for logistics for the Games will be used – with 15,000 deliveries by 300 trucks.