Olympic Media Buzz LONDON 2012 PARTNERS

IN ASSOCIATION with Repskan.com, the media monitoring and analytics platform, City A.M. is measuring the relative Olympic media buzz around the partners for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, week by week. The leaderboard, right, reflects their ranking over the past week, in this case from Wednesday 16 November to Wednesday 23 November.

Recently, a mention by the American athlete Lolo Jones on Twitter to her 35,800 followers suggesting she would eat McDonald’s oatmeal at the Olympic village provided a boost to the brand’s positive online Olympic mentions, showing the importance of understanding who your influencers are, or can be, in different areas of your marketing activity.

McDonald’s enjoys a steady volume of Olympic mentions regardless of any specific campaigns or activities targeting online media. As one of the world’s largest fast food companies, it has worked hard in recent years to both create a healthier range of menu options and improve public awareness of those changes. That is especially important in relation to its association with an event that, in part, aims to promote health and fitness, and Jones’s tweet helped to boost that message even further.