IN ASSOCIATION with Repskan.com, City A.M. is measuring the relative Olympic media buzz around the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games partners, week by week. The leaderboard, right, reflects their ranking over the past week, in this case from Wednesday 7 June to Wednesday 14 June.

The news that Samsung’s Galaxy S3 users will get a free app to watch the Olympics has spread widely in traditional and social media. The app enables users to subscribe to the Eurosport channel for free during the Games, and has gone down well with the gadget community and consumers. In other news, a recent announcement regarding Dow Chemicals has stirred up another round of anti-Dow sentiment, causing it to rocket 20 places in the rankings. Also, BMW has opened its first electric car showroom, to tie in with its Olympic program, and Coca-Cola’s new can design is still going down well.