IN ASSOCIATION with Repskan.com, City A.M. is measuring the relative Olympic media buzz around the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games partners, week by week. The leaderboard, right, reflects their ranking over the past week, in this case from Wednesday 21 March to Wednesday 28 March.

Samsung often receives a similar volume of online mentions to Visa, thanks to combined campaigns, particularly a scheme to make contactless payments via mobile phone ready for the Olympics. This week, Samsung gained mentions for its relationship with Kenton Cool, a mountaineer who is aiming to fulfil a 1924 Olympic Games pledge made by another mountaineer, Lieutenant Colonel Strutt. Strutt and his team received 21 gold medals for attempting to climb Mount Everest, and he pledged to take a gold medal back to the summit. Samsung hopes to honour this pledge and also find the missing medals from 1924.