Olympic Media Buzz LONDON 2012 PARTNERS

IN ASSOCIATION with Repskan.com, City A.M. is measuring the relative Olympic media buzz around the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games partners, week by week. The leaderboard, right, reflects their ranking over the past week, in this case from Wednesday 29 February to Wednesday 7 March.

The announcement that Adidas had its best-ever annual profits, and the hope that the Olympics would provide a further boost, gained widespread coverage across national news sources and was shared heavily on social networks. This good news was accompanied by mentions about a critical report by the pressure group War on Want. Race to the Bottom attacks the wages and working conditions of some Adidas, Nike and Puma suppliers in Bangladesh. Due to its Olympic sponsorship, Adidas was the focus of this campaign. Adidas disclosed its supply chain for Olympic products, and none are made in Bangladesh. It has also mobilised a team of labour specialists to investigate the claims.