Ofcom finds O2 is best for mobile broadband speeds

Steve Dinneen
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O2 is the UK’s best network provider for mobile broadband, according to new Ofcom data. Vodafone comes second, followed by 3, with Everything Everywhere trailing in last place.

The survey found that 17 per cent of households regularly use mobile broadband, with seven per cent relying on it for all of their online activity.

The survey – which used dongles rather than smartphones – also showed the gulf between fixed broadband speeds and mobile connections. While it takes less than a second to open a page on an average broadband connection, it takes more than eight seconds when using a mobile device.

The average download speed on a mobile connection was 1.5 megabits per second, compared with 6.2 megabits per second on a fixed connection. Users in London, while generally achieving faster speeds, are more likely to find their connections lagging during peak times.

Ofcom also formally banned three-year broadband and phone contracts, with providers now only able to offer contracts of up to two years, bringing the UK in line with new European Commission rules. Providers must also offer 12 month contracts.