OED endorses mansion taxes and micro pigs

LEXICOGRAPHERS of the internet rejoice: the latest additions to Oxford Dictionaries Online are out.

Like its dead-tree counterpart the Oxford English Dictionary, ODO periodically picks the best new words and phrases to add to its online library, skewing the list towards trendy buzzwords to craftily boost its traffic.

Today’s additions include “Dunbar’s number”, the upper limit of social acquaintances one person can maintain (it’s around 150, apparently), and “mansion tax”, the levy on wealthy homeowners favoured by some Liberal Democrats.

Yet “screeching U-turn” appears to be sadly absent from the list.

But other corporate jargon does make it in, including managing expectations, user experience and e-learning.

“Vajazzle” is also thrown in.

Some of the new entrants are more baffling. “E-cigarettes” entered the vernacular before the 2007 smoking ban, while “hosepipe bans” have been around since the last time the “soul patch” (also on the list) was fashionable.

Then there’s the “micro pig”, the miniature pets that became a minor craze several years ago, but are now so off-trend that even the squares at DEFRA offer online advice on pig walking licences and the correct way to ear-tag housebound swines.

But those canny folk at Oxford Dictionaries Online know that if the internet likes one thing, it’s pictures of miniature animals in amusing situations. Happily, so does the Capitalist.

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