Oddbins toasts return to high street trading

WINE specialist Oddbins will from today start trading from 37 revamped shops with a new range of 475 wines.

The company plunged into administration in March but some shops were bought by Whittall’s Wine Merchants, a subsidiary of Raj Chatha’s EFB Group.

Under the new management the shops remained open but are now relaunching.

The company is promising to give shop managers the autonomy to stock wines that are proving popular in the area they are serving.

There will also be a blind taste test in which customers will be asked to say how much they would be willing to pay for a wine.

The data will be collated and then the wine will be priced at the average figure given.

Ayo Akintola, the new managing director of Oddbins, said that the new company would concentrate on customer service.

“We will not be having complicated deals but offer a good price for a bottle of wine.

“The problem with Oddbins before was that it was trying to do too much. We have excellent buyers bringing in great wines.”