Ocado’s Steiner misses out on Waitrose party

WAITROSE’S managing director Mark Price has been none too pleased recently with Tim Steiner and his chums at Ocado, who up until now have been exclusively servicing the food group with a highly-acclaimed although not terribly profitable internet service.

To Price’s evident displeasure and amid talk about lawyers Ocado has gone and agreed a deal to help rival Morrisons with its nascent internet business. It’s been a move that has left Waitrose fuming. So many had hoped for some fireworks at last night’s Waitrose summer party. Steiner, alas, was otherwise engaged. He was speaking at the British Retail Consortium, asking what the future holds for retail.

When the Capitalist caught up with him he revealed he hadn’t been invited to the Waitrose summer party for the past few years. “And we’re their largest customer,” he added. Ouch.