O2 says outage persists but will not compensate

O2 FACED further embarrassment over the weekend as users continued to suffer network problems despite the company claiming it had fixed the problems on Friday.

The mobile operator said last night that despite efforts to return service to customers before Saturday, many people were still having problems connecting to the network.

The company, owned by Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica, also said it would not be compensating customers for the glitch, which saw around 2m people unable to make or receive calls and send texts.

The outage is the second in three months for the UK’s second-largest mobile network, after around a third of its customers were left without coverage for 24 hours in July, a failure which chief executive Ronan Dunne admitted was “embarrassing”.

In July, O2 knocked three days’ usage off customers’ bills to compensate for the blackout, but the company said on Saturday it would not be doing the same this time, despite some outages continuing into yesterday.

O2 said: “We fixed the problem on Friday and since then, and over the weekend, we have been bringing customers back on line. “We will continue to challenge and assess what further steps we and our partners can take to further improve our network performance.”