The number of millionaires in the UK has risen by 17 per cent since 2008, new data reveals

There are now 619,000 millionaires in the UK, up from 528,000 in 2008, new figures from Barclays Wealth revealed today. And 86,000 people in the UK have wealth in excess of £5m, its wealth map shows. The majority (46 per cent) of UK-based millionaires live in London and the South East. The number of millionaires will grow by one third by 2020, Barclays expects.

Population with wealth in excess of £5m
● London, East and South East: 47,000 people

● South West & Wales: 10,000 people

● North West: 9,000 people

● Yorkshire: 7,000 people

● Scotland: 7,000 people

● Midlands: 5,000 people

● North East: 1,000 people