Number 10 is relaxed over King doubts

DOWNING?Street yesterday insisted the Prime Minister was perfectly relaxed about disparaging comments made by Mervyn King.

Before the election, King told the US ambassador that David Cameron and George Osborne were inexperienced and relied too heavily on a small number of advisers, according to cables released by the WikiLeaks foundation.

Cameron and Osborne, then leader of the opposition and shadow chancellor, also had a tendency to think about economic issues in terms of party political point scoring, King said.

Number 10 yesterday said Cameron was relaxed about the comments, a sentiment echoed by Osborne’s advisers at the Treasury.

And the Prime Minister’s official spokesman refused to condemn the Bank of England governor’s comments. Asked if King was doing a good job, the spokesman replied “yeah”.

However, shadow defence secretary Jim Murphy voiced concern, saying he “has to take great care” with his opinions.

Danny?Blanchflower, a former member of the Monetary?Policy Committee and persistent critic of the governor yesterday called for King to resign.