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<strong>ART: Abstract America</strong> The Saatchi Gallery is hosting a display of the best of contemporary abstract art from emerging artists across the Atlantic.<br /><br /><strong>THEATRE: All&rsquo;s Well That Ends Well</strong> The National Theatre&rsquo;s acclaimed version of Shakespeare&rsquo;s comedy, directed by Marianne Elliott.<br /><br /><strong>FILM: Spartacus </strong>A new showing for Stanley Kubrick&rsquo;s historical epic, with Kirk Douglas as the slave-turned-gladiator and Tony Curtis among those claiming to be him.<br /><br /><strong>ART: Turner/Rothko</strong> Tate Britain&rsquo;s comparison of the two artists, revealing the affinities in their work and Turner&rsquo;s influence on Rothko, is in the institutions&rsquo;s Clore Gallery.<br /><br /><strong>FILM: Sleep Furiously</strong> Perhaps the finest British documentary since Into Thin Air, capturing the minutae of daily life in a Welsh farming community with great poetry and charm.<br /><br /><strong>THEATRE: Much Ado About Nothing</strong> Another excellent Shakespeare comedy, at Regent&rsquo;s Park&rsquo;s Open Air Theatre left.