Not so helpful banking: clients furious over glitches at Natwest

NATWEST and RBS were hit by a tirade of angry complaints yesterday after technical glitches prevented customers from accessing their accounts.

In a major embarrassment for the banking group, transactions were not processed, account balances were not updated and customers were not able to log into online services.

NatWest’s “Ideas Bank”, a forum to encourage dialogue from customers, was plastered with comments from disgruntled users.

“We may lose our new house and £1,000 because of this. They can’t progress our mortgage until the system is available. Game over!” one person posted.

RBS apologised and confirmed no customers would remain permanently out of pocket, while over 1,000 NatWest branches stayed open until 7pm.

It is unclear how many clients were affected, but RBS’s Irish branch Ulster said 100,000 of its customers were hit by this “major technical issue”.

on RBSand Ulster

Ulster Bank, which along with NatWest is also part of the RBS group, said 100,000 of its customers had been affected by "a major technical issue"

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