Not convinced by the GT86?

Ryan Borroff

Audi TT, from £24,490
A 2+2 it may be, but it’s a squeeze in the back of the Audi TT, even for young kids. There’s no rear-wheel drive option either, only front-wheel or four-wheel drive. The all-wheel drive quattro system is “stick to the road grippy” if that’s what you want from a sports car. The interior is Audi at it’s best: so good it inspired the interior in the R8 supercar, it’s more luxurious sibling. Even the slowest model with a 2.0-litre diesel engine is slightly quicker than the GT86 but it’s unlikely to feel that way, particularly in the corners.

Peugeot RCZ, from £21,600
Peugeot’s RCZ is a TT-rival that’s well respected but less dynamic to drive. Available only with front-wheel drive, it’s stylish with a good interior and has an unusual double-bubble shaped roof. It’s tight in the back seat though and the sloping roof means there’s not much headroom either. The quickest version is the Sport THP 200, which takes 7.6 seconds to reach 62mph from standstill and returns 42.1mpg making it more economical than the Toyota. It’s just undergone a refresh so the big gaping mouth is gone, replaced by a nose and a smile.

Porche 911, from £73,413
The 911 has been one of the more surprisingly practical sports cars. Even in entry-level Carrera guise it is three times the price of the GT86. But then it also has that Porsche badge on the bonnet, which get people interested. It’s pretty quick too. 0-62mph is dispatched in just 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 179mph is possible, though it is perhaps best to leave the kids at home for that. The downside? It’s a popular choice so there are quite a few on the road. If you’re after something more discreet, this isn’t for you.