Not convinced by the Can AM Spyder ST?

Ryan Borroff

Honda GL1800 Gold Wing Deluxe, from £24,499
The big daddy of tourers, the Honda Gold Wing is a legend. It is also eye-wateringly expensive and will require you to face compulsory basic training if you want to ride one. Once you’ve got your bike licence you’ll understand why a bike this costly has such a cult following. With seat heaters, GPS and a six-speaker surround-sound audio system, it’s the last word in two-wheeled comfort.

Piaggio MP3 LT, from £6,032
If you’re just looking to release your inner biker, the Piaggio LT is a three-wheel commuter scooter that can be ridden without a bike licence because, somewhat ludicrously, as far as the law is concerned it is a car. Like the Can-Am Spyder, it has two wheels at the front, improving stability. Unlike the Spyder, you lean it to turn like a traditional bike or scooter.

Renault Twizy, from £6,690
It’s electric, has four wheels and isn’t a bike, trike or car; it’s a quadricycle. As it has no windows or doors, the Twizy gives you a bike-like, open-air feeling of freedom. If you like short-range commuter transport and don’t mind that you can’t actually tour anywhere in it, the Renault Twizy could be the non-trike for you.