Not convinced?


Fiat 500C | £12,960
The 500C convertible looks so similar to Fiat’s cheery little 500 city car that it’s easy to miss the range of updated features that it comes with. The main addition is the new fabric roof that slides back to the rear and stacks up in a pile on top of the roof (as opposed to down by the parcel shelf and out of sight of the driver as it does on the Citroën). The 875cc TwinAir version is the most fun.

Mini Convertible | £16,075
Mini kicked off the whole retro styling look with a car that has very little in common with the original it set out to emulate (an original Mini convertible never made production). Despite this, the convertible is the most fun to drive in this group. It’s also the only one that has a full folding ragtop, so you can forget about the rear seats for all but occasional use.

Audi A1 | £13,145
There will be nothing retro about the A1 convertible when we finally get to see it later this year. In fact as modern as this Audi is, it will look more sensible and possibly less characterful than the others here. The media is yet to see it but it’s unlikely to be a full cabriolet and instead, looks set to get a sliding roof system. I’m sure it will also be reassuringly expensive.