Norway death toll continues to climb to 93

Steve Dinneen
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NEO-NAZI sympathiser Anders Behring Breivik yesterday admitted carrying out both the shooting spree on a Norwegian island youth camp and the Oslo bombing, which have so-far claimed 93 lives.

At least four more people are missing, with police still recovering bodies from the icy water surrounding the island of Utøya and offices around the bomb site.

Breivik told police the atrocities were “gruesome but necessary” and denied criminal responsibility for his actions. It is understood he will plead not guilty to two counts of terrorism later today.

Norwegian police have been criticised for taking nearly 50 minutes to respond to the calls for help from Utøya. A nearby police boat was deemed “too leaky” for the operation and no helicopters were in the vicinity, meaning victims had to wait for a special marine unit to be dispatched from Oslo.

On arrival police apprehended Breivik within minutes. Police say they are not immediately looking for any other suspects. Six people arrested during a raid on a property in Oslo were later released without charge.

A memorial service took place in Oslo yesterday and Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg called for a minute’s silence today at 11am UK-time.

Breivik’s targets may have been politically motivated, with the Oslo bomb detonating on a street containing offices of the governing Labour Party. The youth camp was also run by the party.

It is understood Breivik posted a 1,500 page document online in the hours before the attack, in which the author claims to follow the Knights Templar and rails against multi-culturalism.