North Korea moves missile to the coast

City A.M. Reporter
NORTH Korea yesterday moved a mid-range Musudan missile to its east coast, the South Korean foreign minister said, escalating fraught tensions in the region.

It was not clear if the missile was mounted with a warhead or whether the North was planning to fire it or was just putting it on display as a show of force, one South Korean government source was quoted as saying.

On Wednesday, North Korea threatened a nuclear strike on the United States and missile attacks on its Pacific bases, including in Guam. It followed new sanctions imposed on the North after it carried out its third nuclear test in February.

“South Korean and US intelligence authorities have obtained indications the North has moved an object that appears to be a mid-range missile to the east coast,” a source said.

The Musudan missile is believed to have a range which would put all of South Korea and Japan in range and possibly also the US territory of Guam in the Pacific Ocean.

North Korea is not believed to have tested these mid-range missiles.