Nokia counts on sleeker Lumia handset to power sales revival

NOKIA yesterday unveiled a new slimmed-down flagship handset in an effort to inject life into its disappointing smartphone sales.

The Lumia 925 is thinner and lighter than the Finnish company’s previous high-end smartphone, the Lumia 920, which it introduced towards the end of last year.

Although Nokia has seen some early signs of success, its market share still pales in comparison to the likes of Samsung and Apple, and shareholders revealed their anger at last week’s annual meeting, urging changes from chief executive Stephen Elop.

The Lumia 920 was seen as too bulky for many users, and Nokia will hope the Lumia 925’s design, which features a metal chassis compared to the old model’s plastic, appeals to a new group of consumers looking at alternatives to the iPhone.

Nokia also introduced a number of tweaks to its software, including an updated camera interface that allows users to add special effects to photos on the move.

However, investors appeared disappointed at the new model, which will cost €469 (£398). Nokia shares fell five per cent in Helsinki.