No shirtiness as Facebook’s top ladies catch up

CLARIDGE’S was the setting on Monday for the second annual gathering of powerful business women, hosted by Fortune magazine.

The conference was billed as an opportunity for sharing inspiration and networking. But for two participants it was also probably an opportunity to update each other on their Facebook statuses.

Both current vice president of global marketing Carolyn Everson and the social media firm’s former European boss Joanna Shields – who left the firm for a job at Tech City – were at the Mayfair gathering. Everson was waxing lyrical about humanising the Facebook brand and making it more personal.

Yet things got a bit too personal when one powerful business woman in the room recalled bumping into Everson at Cannes last week – apparently the Facebook guru had been averaging two hours sleep a night and hadn’t realised her shirt was inside out.

But was there any bad blood between the two Facebook friends, given that Everson had to take on extra responsibility for Shields’ team after she left for Tech City?

Absolutely not. “Joanna was always an amazing leader internally,” said Everson.