No more WAGs please: Women prefer traders

GOOD news for City lotharios, especially in the run-up to Valentine’s Day. Apparently more women would rather date a City trader than a footballer.

The shine is slightly taken off this news by discovering that it is only true for women looking to trade their husbands for a banker part-time.

The study, by, the dating website for married people, finds that after rockstars and musicians, bankers are the most lusted after professionals. Well at least by the unfaithful members of the fairer sex who visit its website.

The Capitalist is reminded of a more wholesome survey once conducted here, which rounded up the best of the City’s talent by seeking out the hunkiest gents in finance.

Back then environmental markets broker Anthony Astbury and PwC England rugby star Josh Lewsey were hotties du jour.

The Capitalist would like to invite submissions worthy of elevation onto a 2013 City’s Got Talent pedestal to – as always –