No more comparing for Allianz star speaker Stephen Hawking

READERS will remember that The Capitalist reported news back in January of famous physicist professor Stephen Hawking becoming the unlikely star of a Go Compare TV advert.

The Cambridge mathematician even confessed to being a fan of the irritating opera star who represents the price comparison website’s brand.

However, it seems that Hawking won’t be needing to go and compare insurance brands any longer. He was spotted speaking at the Royal Institute last night at an event sponsored by insurer Allianz.

All for a good cause though, as the evening was held to promote autism awareness.

■ Oh my oracle, there was a virtual Twitter frenzy yesterday afternoon when the Sage of Omaha Warren Buffett (pictured) joined Twitter – despite being notoriously tech-shy and having once admitted he missed out on a deal because he didn’t know how to check the voicemail on his mobile phone. During his first tentative 13 minutes in the Twittersphere, Buffet attracted over 13,000 followers and within his first hour had gained almost 60,000 followers. And his debut offering? “Warren is in the house” tweeps.

■ There is already speculation over where Rich Ricci will retire to when he leaves Barclays at the end of June. Perhaps he should take a few tips from his buddy and former boss Bob Diamond. In a lengthy New York Times interview – his first since leaving the bank last year – Diamond reveals how he was able to buy a $37m penthouse apartment in New York without it getting splashed all over the press. Apparently the trick is to buy through a mystery company and give it a suitably Russian-sounding name, Novgorod, to throw everyone off your scent – and straight onto the trail of some unsuspecting oligarchs, presumably.