No fun in the sun on Ibiza as PM faces storm

DAVID and Samantha Cameron flew back to the island of Ibiza with their children on Friday, returning to a favoured holiday destination they last visited two years ago.

But this time, the Prime Minister has had more to deal with than a questionable predilection for dark clothes in sunny destinations. His decision to go abroad the week after the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby – when he rushed home from Paris to chair a meeting of the Cobra emergency committee – drew the ire of pundits and newspapers over the weekend, but some disagreed.

Square Mile stalwart David Buik thought that the Prime Minister had every right to well-earned time off: “He has a good home secretary, an excellent foreign secretary, and the Metropolitan Police to rely on”.

He also offered some life lessons for Cameron: “My father always told me that the art of good management is delegation. If he can’t go on holiday, it’s his government that’s a mess”.

Downing Street insisted that Cameron would still be firmly in charge during his week away, and would be continually briefed with any relevant information.

The Camerons also reportedly took a small team of important staff with them to the Mediterranean, an important ingredient for anyone’s perfect summer getaway.