Nick Clegg snaps at heels of Tory victor

DAVID Cameron might have emerged as the clear winner of last night’s election debate, but the Liberal Democrat leader is still too close for comfort.

A instant poll from Populus even put Clegg and Cameron neck-and-neck on 38 per cent each, with the Prime Minister trailing in last place with just 25 per cent of votes.

Cameron’s biggest lead was in the YouGov poll for the Sun, in which 41 per cent of voters said he had won, compared to 32 per cent for Clegg and 25 per cent for Brown.

Angus Reid also gave the Tory leader a clear win, with 37 per cent compared to 30 per cent for the Lib Dems and 23 per cent for Labour.

And Cameron came top in a ComRes poll with 35 per cent, although Clegg was much closer on 33 per cent, with Brown trailing on 26 per cent.

Labour took comfort in an ICM poll which put Brown in second place on 29 per cent, with the Lib Dem leader on 27 per cent and Cameron in the lead on 35, although pollsters warned this was well within the margin of error.