New name for Osborne at G8

PRESIDENT Barack Obama reportedly mixed up George Osborne, the chancellor of the exchequer, with an African-American musician at the recent G8 meeting.

The President of the United States referred to Osborne as Jeffrey several times over the course of the summit.

Obama reportedly suggested that he was mixing up the chancellor with singer Jeffrey Osborne, a 65-year old US funk and R&B vocalist.

It is suggested that Osborne was briefing world leaders on the subject of tax avoidance as the world’s most powerful man continually called him by the wrong name.

The President has met George Osborne on a number of occasions, including a visit to the US in the week before 2012’s budget announcement.

Jeffrey Osborne’s father was a famous trumpeter who played with Duke Ellington, while George Osborne’s father is only a baronet.