New iPad not compatible with UK 4G

Apple’s new iPad launched worldwide this morning, but despite being advertised as compatible with the faster 4G networks, the tablet’s new technology will only work in North America.

Even though 4G networks are due to launch in the UK in late 2012, it will not be compatible with the latest iPad due to a difference of radio frequencies used in the US and the UK.

The iPad went on sale in ten countries today and will be available in 25 more next week. The new iPad comes with the option of only WiFi or WiFi plus 4G.

Thanks to the launch of the new tablet, Apple’s stocks hit a price of $600 (£380) for the first time this week.

There were long queues outside Apple stores throughout the Britain, as some people waited for days to buy the new iPad. It is expected that around 9m will be sold within the next three months.