New Google Nexus set to hit UK in next few weeks

Stephen Dinneen
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NEW Google phone is set to hit UK stores in the next few weeks, as exclusively revealed by City A.M. last month.

Google chief executive Eric Schmidt has unveiled a new phone running its Android operating system – believed to be the second version of its Nexus branded handset – that will hit stores in the “next few weeks”.

The phone is understood to be tied to an exclusive deal with Best Buy in the US. Last month we revealed a new Nexus phone will hit the UK before Christmas through an exclusive tie-up with the Carphone Warehouse – the European partner of Best Buy.

The new phone, which will run “Gingerbread” – the latest version of the Android operating system – will also feature new contactless payment technology, allowing users to pay in stores by swiping their phones. Schmidt says the technology – which was previewed in Barcelona last month – could replace credit cards.

The new handset, which will likely be called the Nexus S, will be the first released through an exclusive tie-up with a retailer. The Nexus One was released through an exclusive deal with carrier Vodafone in the UK.

The phone’s manufacturer was not revealed but HTC – maker of the Nexus One – is seen as the frontrunner.