New Everything Everywhere 4G service unveiled

EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE, the parent company of the Orange and T-Mobile phone networks, yesterday announced the launch of a third network for its 4G mobile broadband service and a rebranding of the firm.

Both the new service and the parent company will now be known as “EE”, a move that follows a branding review held over the last year.

The EE network will be the first in the UK to offer 4G internet, which will be around five times faster than current mobile speeds, when it launches in the coming weeks.

Chief executive Olaf Swantee also announced the firm would offer fixed line fibre optic broadband under the EE name, becoming the first mobile operator to compete with the likes of BT.

EE’s chief marketing officer Gerry McQuade told City A.M. that there are no plans to offer 4G services on the Orange and T-Mobile networks, but that the rebranding – which will also see the firm’s 700 high street stores come under the EE name – was not part of a plan to phase out the other networks. “The other brands stand for something different but they will remain in our portfolio for a long time to come,” McQuade said, claiming Orange and T-Mobile will still exist in a year.

Swantee announced a list of handsets available at EE’s launch, including an exclusive deal for Nokia’s flagship Lumia 920, and hinted that Apple’s new iPhone ­– set to be announced today – will also be on the network.