New devices give shot in ARM

UK CHIP maker ARM was one of the big winners from this year’s Mobile World Congress, with its royalties set to rocket from the uptake of its processors powering many of the new devices on show.

It receives up to two per cent of the selling price for its Cortex designs, against nearer one per cent for older chips.

Its designs power nearly all the world’s mobiles phones, including the new LG Optimus 3D and Samsung Galaxy S II, which run on ARM’s dual-core Cortex chips.

ARM is also beating its rival Intel in the battle for tablets. Chief executive Warren East said: “We are not surprised by the speed of the roll-out.

“As the chips have more functionality, we are giving more value to our customers, and we expect to be paid more.”

East said ARM retained the edge over Intel, which is targeting the mobile and tablet markets. He said: “Unless it can make their processors smaller it will struggle.”