New cars to look out for in Geneva

Timothy Barber
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THIS time next week the Geneva International Motor Show will be underway, with the latest designs, concept cars, fresh innovations and new launches. After the travails the motoring world has suffered over the past year, including the near collapse of General Motors and the calamities recently befalling Toyota, the industry will be hoping that the 80th edition of the motoring expo can give it a shot in the arm.

Despite the recent doubts that have been surfacing about global warming, expect a continuing trend for eco-friendly vehicles. Cars making their debuts will include 16 electric or alternatively powered vehicles.

Audi is applying its vorsprung durch technik to the supermini with the A1, expected to be on sale in the UK this September. It’s a distinctly sleek and stylish look for a small car, and the German company is claiming the A1 will be “the first premium car in the compact class.” noticeable events at the show will include the US marque Cadillac making its return to the European marketplace, while the no-less iconic British brand Bentley will be opening a special boutique selling branded luxury watches, luggage and even skis and other items besides cars. Here’s a look at three of the most anticipated car launches.

Aren’t Volvos meant to be a bit, well, square? Not in the case of the new S60, the streamlined revamp of its compact sedan. This being Volvo, it’s strong on safety features, with an innovative corner traction control system and technology that detects pedestrians and applies the brakes.

Mini may now be BMW-owned but we still sense a bit of British pluck in the company’s first 4x4 offering, which is named after one of its 1960s models. It’s the first Mini to have four proper doors, and you can switch it to two-wheel drive too for nipping round town.