Network Rail to seek strike injunction

A LEGAL standoff between Network Rail and trade union RMT has been pushed back to today, after the rail operator threatened to seek an injunction against a proposed strike by signalling staff.

The two will meet this morning in front of a High Court judge to push for an injunction to prevent a three-day walkout of signalling staff starting 6 April.

Network Rail said that a raft of inaccuracies in the signallers strike ballot, in which 54 per cent backed strike action, “failed to comply with the requirements of the trade union and Labour Relations Act of 1992”.

“We have a responsibility to head off the strike and let people enjoy their Easter break,” said the rail operator.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said the legal challenge was a “scandalous attempt” to use anti-union laws to prevent the workers exercising their right to strike.