Need to know the Nokia Lumia 920

Steve Dinneen
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The basics
Nokia has, once again, produced what looks like a seriously good handset. It has a gigantic 4.5 inch HD display, which squeezes lots of the “Live Tiles” that Windows Phone 8 is based around onto the homescreen. It is also bright, with colours including banana yellow, electric blue and fire engine red.

The camera
One of its biggest selling points is the camera, which Nokia says is the best in class. It lets in five times more light than any of its rivals, meaning you can take pictures in low light without having to use a flash, which tends to make everything look awful. It also adds a new image stabiliser to the Carl Zeiss lens, making it easier to take pictures on the go.

Wireless charging
The days of the cable are numbered. The 920 comes with wireless charging, meaning you just need to lie it down next to a charge point and it will juice itself up. Options include the charging tablet (below), the “Fatboy” rechargeable pillow, which is essentially a softer version of the tablet, and various other docks. Nokia says Virgin Atlantic will be among the first brands to offer wireless charging facilities, which suggests we may be seeing more of the technology very soon. Perhaps even next week, when a certain other company has a little announcement for us.